02 November, 2010


For the past couple of years I have been dying to go to IKEA. Everyone would always tell me how amazing it is, and I wanted to see for myself if it is all that everyone said it was. Well, a few weeks ago I finally got to go!! It was a very spur of the moment trip. It was around 3 o'clock on Friday when Brian made the suggestion that we go, and we were on the road by 6:30 the next morning. We went to the one in Cincinnati, Ohio. Here is how our day went...

6:30-12:00: Driving

12:00- 1:00: Walked into IKEA for the first time!!
We only made it around half of the top floor in this time. Somehow Brian knew that it would be better if we looked around for a little bit and then left and came back. He is very smart, because I was so overwhelmed and excited I could hardly function.

1:00-2:00: Ate at Red Robin and made a game plan

2:00-6:30: Went back to IKEA and decided I would be fine living there

We were a little tired.. but SOOO EXCITED!!!

I put my hair back, I had to have no distractions. I was ready to shop!!

Here's Brian putting his ipod cord up his shirt, he thought it would be more enjoyable if he added a soundtrack to the shopping. He got into a few songs and gave the people around us a soundtrack as well. haha

LOVED this pillow.. only $10.

Molly- There was this one little book section in the midst of everything else, and we decided this would have been your favorite part. lol

I got these little wicker place mats.

I would say it was a pretty successful trip!!
We got everything we didn't know we needed. : )

I promise we will be back IKEA. Miss you already!

19 October, 2010

a magical place

The exterior of this building may not look exciting, but don't be fooled....

This warehouse is FULL of the most random things. The majority of it all comes from old department stores. You have to really search for the good things, but that's half the fun!

Here are some awesome old mirrors.
I found out later these were actually the owners and not for sale. Of course, I wanted some of the only things in the whole warehouse that weren't for sale.
My best friend, Liz, would have bought this little t.v. Whether it worked or not. lol

Brian decided this is where all mannequins go to die.

He helped in the process by taking these clamps off some of the mannequins to use for clamping lights together during shoots. He did feel bad about it though. ha

06 October, 2010

A designer knows he has achieved perfection not when there is nothing left to add, but when there is nothing left to take away.

— Antoine de Saint ExupĂ©ry

03 October, 2010


This project was a part of my Think.Design.Build. class. This is obviously the build part of the class. My good friend Jessica was the one who designed this storage unit for our department head's office. We were in charge of everything from making detailed plans of how it would be constructed, buying all the supplies at Home Depot, and then constructing it all. We still need to put the metal sheet on for the counter tops but besides that it is done!

Our next project in this class is going to be a shelter that is made out of all found objects and large enough for people to actually inhabit... It should be interesting. lol

01 October, 2010

Pattern Ceilings

01 September, 2010

world's worst blogger

It has been about a month and a half since I last made an entry. Whoops! I just forgot about the whole blogging thing between saying goodbye to summer, moving back to Nashville, and starting school.

This past month has been very exciting, and full of new things! You know that I started up school again. Well, I am loving it!! This semester so far has proven to be much more challenging than last year. I am learning about building codes, lighting design (how all of the electrical wiring works throughout a house), urban design, materials and how to estimate the amount needed for a job. Also, in Studio right now we are designing and drafting out a receptionist desk for a medical office. It's a lot of work, but I am having so much fun doing it all.

My roommate and I started painting the apartment before I left for the summer. Neither one of us should ever try to paint professionally though, because we still have yet to put the second coat on after 3 months. I shouldn't admit this, but we also have left up all of the blue tape. haha Anyways, there have been a few additions to the apartment that I would like to share with you all! I wanted to wait and show you everything when the apartment was all done, but I am realizing that it will never be "done" in my eyes. lol


Here WERE my living room curtains...

and here ARE my NEW living room curtains!
(notice the paint color difference.. we painted the living room an off-white)

new coffee table!!! I'm kind of obsessed!
(found this at goodwill for $9.99)

old bedroom curtains...

and NEW bedroom curtains!!

the view outside our balcony

I will try to put more pics up this weekend. "Try" being the key word. haha

12 July, 2010

my friend liz

This is one of my best friends, Liz. She just got married this past December and is blogging about her life as a newlywed and all of the awesome projects she does! So.. click on this link and see what she has to share!!

I decided that it is much more enjoyable to read a blog if you feel like you actually know a little about the person writing. So.. here are some pics of Liz and I over the course of our friendship.

homecoming '06
this pose became a tradition..

We were trying on some vintage aprons I had just bought.
We didn't actually bake anything in them.. just wore them around all night. lol

We were trying to bring it back. We failed.

plain white tee's concert..

prom '07

prom '08
Something must have been very funny, or we though it would just make a cute picture. haha

my birthday June 2010.
Brian, my boyfriend, surprised me by coming in town for my birthday and somehow they all kept it a secret from me. I almost had a heart attack when I turned around and he was just standing there in line at Oklahoma Joes (my ALL TIME favorite restaurant) with us, but it was totally worth putting my life at risk. : ) ha

08 July, 2010

newest find

My love for lamps and seahorses has been united!! I went to HomeGoods yesterday and found an awesome seahorse lamp. It's not this exact one but pretty close. I was talking to my boyfriend's mom a couple weeks ago and trying to explain to her my philosophy on lighting. I think that by looking at a person's choice in lamps you can tell a lot about them! For example..

a practical person-- a lamp and table in one.

a person with a sense of humor

a person who appreciates organic things

a girly girl

a person who dares to be different

A person who loves the beach, knows that you can never have too many sea shells around your house, and knows that beach decor works ALL year long!!

You may have noticed already I added a new page to the blog, the shop page. I will be sharing some of my creations and latest finds. Enjoy!!

24 June, 2010

"The secret to creativity is knowing how to hide your sources."

-- albert einstein

23 June, 2010

my sixties.. hotel.. hawaiin.. floral.. curtains

So.. I got an email from my Mom a month ago and this is what it said...

Ok. So I am flipping through Crate&Barrel's new magazine..
Is it just me or is there a striking resemblance between these two products. Don't you just hate it when your designs get ripped off?

For those of you that haven't kept up with all of my post... These are curtains that I made earlier this year. I thought this was pretty funny!! If someone had to make curtains similar to mine I'm glad it was Crate&Barrel! ha

22 June, 2010

new dresser

Now that my roommate and I have decided to stay at our apartment for another year I am FINALLY taking the time to decorate my room. Here are some pictures of my new dresser being built!


Dresser- $130 from Target

labor- free from a good boyfriend


lamps- $15 each from Walmart

I'm EXTREMELY happy with the finished product!! : )

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