31 May, 2010

I just entered to win HGTV Green Home 2010. Here are some pictures, but please don't enter to win. You could hurt my likely chances of winning. ha

26 May, 2010

DIY Centerpieces

I am 19.. about to turn 20. Apparently, this is the age when all of your friends start to get married! ha

My friend Amber is getting married in August. We were talking about her wedding today and she was telling me about the centerpieces she is making. I thought it would be fun to find some examples of centerpieces that other people have made. Doing this yourself is a really good way to save money and it's a great way to add character to your tables! Enjoy!

04 May, 2010

FINAL Project DONE!!

The picture above is of my original concept board for the project.

Then here are some pictures of my final boards. I took these pictures with my web cam so they're all backwards.. no Dad i did not glue the label on backwards. ha

This board below took forever.. all by hand and i messed up on one little thing the first time so I decided it would be fun to just to do it all over. It wasn't! lol

If you can't tell I was just a little excited to be done with this project!!

02 May, 2010

new finds..

I have been designing a shed into a small footprint home of about 800 sq. ft. for my Studio class. So.. I have spent a lot of time on the internet researching things for it. I thought I would share some of the things I have found!

Here are windows by NanaWall. You can keep them closed and have a wall of windows or slide them all the way open. Also, these wicker chairs are awesome!!

Here are counter tops made by Alkemi. They are made of recycled fine scraps of aluminum.
I just ordered samples of this and it looks even cooler in person!

This is a vertical garden by Flora Grubb. Love this!!
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