04 May, 2010

FINAL Project DONE!!

The picture above is of my original concept board for the project.

Then here are some pictures of my final boards. I took these pictures with my web cam so they're all backwards.. no Dad i did not glue the label on backwards. ha

This board below took forever.. all by hand and i messed up on one little thing the first time so I decided it would be fun to just to do it all over. It wasn't! lol

If you can't tell I was just a little excited to be done with this project!!


  1. I am blown away at how awesome your project turned out. I am so impressed, I'd like to hire you.

  2. can you design my 12,000 square foot lake home in colorado, I think your style is just what I am looking for, it feels classic but with a flare of eccentric... awesome!


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