02 April, 2011

DIY wood wall

Somehow, I got very lucky and found one of very few boys that is creative enough, cares enough, and is handy enough to make his room look like this! Brian did this last summer while I was home in Kansas. I asked him to wait till I got back, but I think he missed me so much that he needed a project to keep him busy! haha 
He is however still a boy, so disregard the mess! 
He stained 1x4s and screwed them into vertical standing 1x3s that were screwed to the wall.
He aslo built a bed frame that didn't make it into the picture.  

Here is his custom desk that he built for all of his audio equipment. 

T.V stand... 

and shelf.

I'm a proud girlfriend : )

He is now moving though and all of the wood must come down.. 
Of course, I was in town for this part. ha

1 comment:

  1. WOW - I guess I know what you guys have been doing this week! All that work for such a short time :(


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