05 April, 2011

dining room

I have realized that for the whole life of this blog I have never given you a full tour of my apartment. So, for all of you apartment dwellers out there, in these next few weeks I would like to walk you through each room individually and show you how to make your apartment feel a little more like a home!

Improvements made-- 
1. Painted the walls
2. Restored an old kitchen table of my Moms (sanded down, painted the legs, and stained the table top and seats)
3. Redesigned the lamp in the corner
4. hung a lamp shape that I designed over the table for a focal piece in the room 
5. found awesome placemats at IKEA to tie it all together

the lamp before.....

the lamp after....

Brian and I redesigned this lamp last spring. 
It was his idea to use the x-stitch.. I think it made the lamp! 

Placemats from IKEA!

The lamp shade I designed last summer is a great addition to this dining room, and cast an awesome shadow on the wall!

1 comment:

  1. GREAT photos to capture the detail of the work :) I look forward to seeing the rest of the apartment over the next few weeks.


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