24 June, 2010

"The secret to creativity is knowing how to hide your sources."

-- albert einstein

23 June, 2010

my sixties.. hotel.. hawaiin.. floral.. curtains

So.. I got an email from my Mom a month ago and this is what it said...

Ok. So I am flipping through Crate&Barrel's new magazine..
Is it just me or is there a striking resemblance between these two products. Don't you just hate it when your designs get ripped off?

For those of you that haven't kept up with all of my post... These are curtains that I made earlier this year. I thought this was pretty funny!! If someone had to make curtains similar to mine I'm glad it was Crate&Barrel! ha

22 June, 2010

new dresser

Now that my roommate and I have decided to stay at our apartment for another year I am FINALLY taking the time to decorate my room. Here are some pictures of my new dresser being built!


Dresser- $130 from Target

labor- free from a good boyfriend


lamps- $15 each from Walmart

I'm EXTREMELY happy with the finished product!! : )

21 June, 2010

chandelier from DREAMWORLD

Two weeks ago I was driving around with my friend Liz and we stumbled across this little store called Dreamworld. It's inside this cute little house, and has only been opened for a couple months now. From what I was told they go around and collect things from garage sales and antique malls, and they pass on the great prices! I bought this awesome palm chandelier for $40.
I also bought a 3-piece bowl set for only $8... and a small silver dish for only $1!!

Here's directions on how to get there! I promise you will NOT be disappointed!!

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