30 January, 2010

First Post. Ready or Not!

I feel like in your first post you need to say something extremely fascinating and profound to catch your reader's attention. So, naturally... my first idea to accomplish the "perfect" first post was to imitate someone elses "perfect" first post. I went to a few of my favorite blogs hoping to read their first entries and be inspired. This idea ended pretty quickly though when I realized how many times I would have to click the 'next page' button before arriving at my hopeful attempt for inspiration. This is probably the blogging world's way of reminding me a blog isn't suppose to be "perfect" it's just suppose to be YOU.

My name is Amanda Martin. I am an interior design student in Franklin, Tennessee. Never did I think that I would start a blog until I stumbled across younghouselove.com. The movie Julie & Julia may have had a part in this as well but mostly it was this blog about a young couple and their first home together. This blog to me is fascinating. They do a wonderful job of showing quick and easy ways to enhance the look of your home. They show you how to make your house a home. This is what I would love to do through my blog in my own way.

I have always loved working on different arts and crafts projects. When I was younger my brother and I would go over to my grandparents every Saturday. My Grandma used to be an art teacher and sometimes would come up with art projects to keep us entertained. It didn't take long before I expected a different project every week, and most of the time one was not enough! All that to say, I started this addiction of having projects going on at all times from a very early age.

With this blog I would like to be able to share all of the things that I have created and all of my ideas for future things I hope to create. I want to show people how to create their most prized possessions for under 20 dollars. It is possible, trust me. I have done it!
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