18 March, 2010

Wallpaper. It's back.

I know what you are thinking..
Who has the time or the patience to put up wall paper? Well... no one! However, after you see these next few pictures I have a feeling you will be willing to risk your sanity to get walls that look like these.

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05 March, 2010

interior design trends for 2010

I found this great website that I think did an awesome job of describing all the trends for interior design in 2010. The five major trends they list are. . .
  • folk style
  • big blooms
  • retro/vintage
  • natural materials
  • country house glamour

Interior Trends For 2010

Interior Trends For 2010

Interior Trends For 2010

Interior Trends For 2010

Interior Trends For 2010

There are so many things I love about all of these styles! If I had to pick one though my favorite will always be retro/vintage. I would love to hear what style is your favorite! Leave a comment telling me which style you would choose : )

.. go to this website to see more pictures of each trend..

04 March, 2010

the perfect pillow.

As a part of my living room makeover I decided some new pillows were in order. I searched the internet for the perfect pillow and found this. Could this be any cuter? I think not! Of course, I couldn't just buy them when I knew I could make them myself. So.. keep checking back! I will soon have pictures of my flower petaled pillow to share with you all!
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