28 April, 2011

finals time

I hate that it has been weeks since I have last posted anything. It's that time of year where finals take over your life. I only have 1.5 weeks left of this semester though!

Here are some links to new blogs I have found with awesome ideas and photos! Enjoy!!

07 April, 2011

DIY life cycle of a butterfly baby mobile

The mobile has been finished and the baby has been born! 

The process started with this mobile we found online...

From there I came up with my own concept: the life cycle of a butterfly... 

And.. here is what we came up with.. 

the egg

the caterpillar

the cocoon

the butterfly

and the finished baby mobile!

05 April, 2011

dining room

I have realized that for the whole life of this blog I have never given you a full tour of my apartment. So, for all of you apartment dwellers out there, in these next few weeks I would like to walk you through each room individually and show you how to make your apartment feel a little more like a home!

Improvements made-- 
1. Painted the walls
2. Restored an old kitchen table of my Moms (sanded down, painted the legs, and stained the table top and seats)
3. Redesigned the lamp in the corner
4. hung a lamp shape that I designed over the table for a focal piece in the room 
5. found awesome placemats at IKEA to tie it all together

the lamp before.....

the lamp after....

Brian and I redesigned this lamp last spring. 
It was his idea to use the x-stitch.. I think it made the lamp! 

Placemats from IKEA!

The lamp shade I designed last summer is a great addition to this dining room, and cast an awesome shadow on the wall!

04 April, 2011

night rendering

In our color application class we were told to choose one night image for our next rendering. It was a nice change from always drawing on white paper. It is kind of difficult to see, but the printed image I chose is the second image down.

02 April, 2011

DIY wood wall

Somehow, I got very lucky and found one of very few boys that is creative enough, cares enough, and is handy enough to make his room look like this! Brian did this last summer while I was home in Kansas. I asked him to wait till I got back, but I think he missed me so much that he needed a project to keep him busy! haha 
He is however still a boy, so disregard the mess! 
He stained 1x4s and screwed them into vertical standing 1x3s that were screwed to the wall.
He aslo built a bed frame that didn't make it into the picture.  

Here is his custom desk that he built for all of his audio equipment. 

T.V stand... 

and shelf.

I'm a proud girlfriend : )

He is now moving though and all of the wood must come down.. 
Of course, I was in town for this part. ha

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