01 September, 2010

world's worst blogger

It has been about a month and a half since I last made an entry. Whoops! I just forgot about the whole blogging thing between saying goodbye to summer, moving back to Nashville, and starting school.

This past month has been very exciting, and full of new things! You know that I started up school again. Well, I am loving it!! This semester so far has proven to be much more challenging than last year. I am learning about building codes, lighting design (how all of the electrical wiring works throughout a house), urban design, materials and how to estimate the amount needed for a job. Also, in Studio right now we are designing and drafting out a receptionist desk for a medical office. It's a lot of work, but I am having so much fun doing it all.

My roommate and I started painting the apartment before I left for the summer. Neither one of us should ever try to paint professionally though, because we still have yet to put the second coat on after 3 months. I shouldn't admit this, but we also have left up all of the blue tape. haha Anyways, there have been a few additions to the apartment that I would like to share with you all! I wanted to wait and show you everything when the apartment was all done, but I am realizing that it will never be "done" in my eyes. lol


Here WERE my living room curtains...

and here ARE my NEW living room curtains!
(notice the paint color difference.. we painted the living room an off-white)

new coffee table!!! I'm kind of obsessed!
(found this at goodwill for $9.99)

old bedroom curtains...

and NEW bedroom curtains!!

the view outside our balcony

I will try to put more pics up this weekend. "Try" being the key word. haha

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