08 July, 2010

newest find

My love for lamps and seahorses has been united!! I went to HomeGoods yesterday and found an awesome seahorse lamp. It's not this exact one but pretty close. I was talking to my boyfriend's mom a couple weeks ago and trying to explain to her my philosophy on lighting. I think that by looking at a person's choice in lamps you can tell a lot about them! For example..

a practical person-- a lamp and table in one.

a person with a sense of humor

a person who appreciates organic things

a girly girl

a person who dares to be different

A person who loves the beach, knows that you can never have too many sea shells around your house, and knows that beach decor works ALL year long!!

You may have noticed already I added a new page to the blog, the shop page. I will be sharing some of my creations and latest finds. Enjoy!!


  1. Well, speaking as the boyfriend's mom :) --- I LOVE this seahorse lamp! If I can't have the bungalow by the ocean, I at least hope to decorate a room of my house like one.


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