12 July, 2010

my friend liz

This is one of my best friends, Liz. She just got married this past December and is blogging about her life as a newlywed and all of the awesome projects she does! So.. click on this link and see what she has to share!!

I decided that it is much more enjoyable to read a blog if you feel like you actually know a little about the person writing. So.. here are some pics of Liz and I over the course of our friendship.

homecoming '06
this pose became a tradition..

We were trying on some vintage aprons I had just bought.
We didn't actually bake anything in them.. just wore them around all night. lol

We were trying to bring it back. We failed.

plain white tee's concert..

prom '07

prom '08
Something must have been very funny, or we though it would just make a cute picture. haha

my birthday June 2010.
Brian, my boyfriend, surprised me by coming in town for my birthday and somehow they all kept it a secret from me. I almost had a heart attack when I turned around and he was just standing there in line at Oklahoma Joes (my ALL TIME favorite restaurant) with us, but it was totally worth putting my life at risk. : ) ha


  1. i like liz too. : )

    and she is totally wearing my hoodie in that rollerblading picture.


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