19 October, 2010

a magical place

The exterior of this building may not look exciting, but don't be fooled....

This warehouse is FULL of the most random things. The majority of it all comes from old department stores. You have to really search for the good things, but that's half the fun!

Here are some awesome old mirrors.
I found out later these were actually the owners and not for sale. Of course, I wanted some of the only things in the whole warehouse that weren't for sale.
My best friend, Liz, would have bought this little t.v. Whether it worked or not. lol

Brian decided this is where all mannequins go to die.

He helped in the process by taking these clamps off some of the mannequins to use for clamping lights together during shoots. He did feel bad about it though. ha

1 comment:

  1. Aw.....you guys must be having fun as I have not heard from him since he arrived back in Nashville :)

    I wish I had your eye. If I went to this place I would find nothing but junk.


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